American Samoa



Like the surreal or intensely irrational reality of a dream, Mark's oil and acrylic paintings are layered, deeply moving, emotional, luminescent, and vibrant.  People may easily forget what you tell them, but once they see the art created from your heart they cannot erase the images from their mind. You remember about 700 times more by what you "see" than by what you "hear." Art speaks.

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Mark Kuhne

 River Falls, WI


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(715) 386-4112, Kelley Galleries, Hudson, WI:


by Mark Kuhne, copyright 2011, all rights reserved

Siapo or tapa on bark cloth over a board (12 x 12")

Siapo (tapa) painted on bark cloth (U'a) with black, brown and yellow dyes (12" x 12").  While in American Samoa Mark audited a class at American Samoa Community College where Mark studied Samoan art traditions and techniques from Regina Meredith.